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Community Presentations

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  • Courageous Connections:  An Opportunity to Dare Greatly™ (2022)

       Horizon Behavioral Health, Lynchburg, VA.

       Description: Self-care training and consultation for clinical mental health personnel

  • The Personal is Professional: Cultivating Wellness and Meaningful Connections (2022)

       Horizon Behavioral Health (Virtual Workshop)​

       Description: Self-care training and consultation for mental health staff 

  • Strengthening Our Resilience and Connections through Courageous Conversations 

       Denville Township Schools, Denville, NJ​

       Description:  Professional Development for K-5 educators, administration, and staff (2022)

  • An Ethical Practice on Today's General Clinical Practice (2019)

      Preferred Behavioral Health/Integrated Care Concepts​

      Eatontown, NJ

      Description:  Professional Development for Professional Counselors and Social Workers


Browse my selection of featured publications!

IRL cover.jpg
A School Counselor's Guide to Small Groups | Publications | NJ Counseling Connections


Schimmel, C., Springer, S.l., Grant, K., & Ieva, K. (In Press). #InRealLifeSchoolCounseling: An introduction to the profession. Cognella Academic Publishing.

Springer, S.I., Moss, L, & Schimmel, C. (Eds.) (2021). A school counselor’s guide to small      groups: Coordination, leadership, & assessment  (2nd Ed.). San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Publishing.

Springer, S.I., Moss, L, Pugliese, A., Manavizadeh, N. (Eds.) (2018) A school counselor’s guide to small groups: Coordination, leadership, & assessment. Association for Specialists in Group Work.

Featured Peer Reviewed Articles

Grant, K, Springer, S.I., Tuttle, M, & Reno, M. (2021). Small-group counseling intervention to support career

     exploration of rural middle school students. Journal for Specialists in Group Work. 46 (1), 108-127.             


Limberg, D., Bayne, H., Springer, S.I., & Wymer, B. (2021). Examining the use of consensual qualitative                 research in counselor education. Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research. 15 (3), 220-230.


Merlin, C., Moss, L., Cholewa, B., & Springer, S. (2020). An exploration of school counselor multicultural

     education behaviors. Professional School Counselor, 23 (1), 1- 12.

Springer, S.I., Hennigan-Paone, C., Colucci, J. & Moss, L.J. (2020). Preparedness for suicide assessment:               examining pre-service school counselors’ perceptions of their training experiences. Journal of Child                     and Adolescent Counseling. 6 (1), 18-36.


Springer, S.I., Mason, E., Moss, L., Pugliese, A & Colucci, J. (2020). An Intervention to support elementary             faculty in meeting the needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming youth. Journal for Child                         and Adolescent Counseling, 6 (3), 181-199.

Duffy, J., Springer, S.I., Delaney, M. & Luke, M. (2019). Eco-Education: Integrating nature into the counselor

     education classroom. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health. 15 (2), 1-14.                                            

Springer, S.I., Land, C., Moss, L., & Cinotti. D. (2018). Collecting school counseling group work data:                     Initiating consensual qualitative research through practitioner-researcher partnerships. Journal                        for Specialists in Group Work, 43 (2), 1-16.

Springer, S.I., Moss, L.J., Cinotti, D, & Land, C. (2018). Examining pre-service school counselors’ site                     supervisory experiences specific to group work. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 43 (3), 250-                       273. 

    (Recipient of the 2018 ASGW Research Article of the Year)

Mason, E.C., Springer, S.I., & Pugliese, A. (2017). Staff development as a school climate intervention to                   support transgender and gender nonconforming students: An integrated research partnership model                 for school counselors and counselor educators. Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 11 (4), 301-318.

Moss, L., Pennamon, R., Springer, S.I., & Singh, A. (2017). Intergroup dialogue social justice group work: A           call for increased research attention. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 42 (3), 231-242.

Springer, S.I. (2016). When Values Blur the Lines: Navigating an Ethical Dilemma in School Counseling. The        Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 8 (2).

Springer, S.I. & Levitt, D.H. (2016). Eating issues and body image in elementary school: The school                        counselor’s response. Journal of School Counseling. 14 (2).

Springer, S. I. (2016). Examining predictors of group leader self-efficacy for preservice school counselors.   

   Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 41 (4), 286-311.

Springer, S.I. & Schimmel, C.J. (2016). Creative Strategies to Foster Pre-Service School Counselor Group              Leader Self-Efficacy, The Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 41 (1), 2-18.

Springer, S.I. (2014). Get fit for life: Elementary school group counseling with a twist. Journal of School              Counseling, 12 (17). Retrieved from:

Journal of Creativy in Mental Health | Publications | NJ Counseling Connections
ucac20 (1).jpeg

Book Chapters

Springer, S.I. & Roselle, H. (2022). Groups in schools, In H. Hamlet

(Ed.), School practicum and internship: 30 essential lessons (2nd Ed., pp. 366-412). Cognella Academic Publishing


Springer, S.I., McCauley, E., & Sheklian, M. (2020). Group work in the

natural world. In M. Delaney (Ed.), Nature is nurture: Counseling in the natural world, Oxford University Press.


Springer, S.I., Peterson, J.S., Moss, L., Vernon, A. (2019). The individual counseling Process. In A. Vernon

& C. Schimmel (Eds.), Counseling Children and Adolescents, (5th Ed., pp. 37-74) Cognella Academic Publishing.


Springer, S.I. (2017). Childhood. In J. Schwarz (Ed.), Counseling women across the

lifespan: Empowerment, advocacy, and intervention (pp. 95-112). Springer Publishing.

Springer, S.I. & Roselle, H. (2016). Groups in schools, In H. Hamlet

(Ed.), School practicum and internship: 30 essential lessons (pp. 230-273). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

Springer, S. (2013). Confidentiality with children. In D. Heller Levitt. & HJ. Hartwig Moorhead

(Eds.), Values and ethics in counseling: Real-Life ethical decision- making (pp. 77-84). Routledge

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